Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why cant you get calendar alerts from google Tasks? Now you can!

How to get calendar alerts from google tasks.

Here is a short scrip that will transfer all tasks with due dates onto an alerts calendar.
To set up

  1. Go to your calendar
    1. Create a new calendar called "Reminders"
    2. Edit Notifications for that calendar to get emails sms or popups.
  2. Go to ""
    1. Create a new blank project
    2. Paste this code in there (overwrite anything that was in there).
    3. Save the code
    4. "Resources"-> "Current Project's Triggers" -> "click to add new trigger"
    5. Select "Time Driven" and as frequent as you want it to run (5 minutes is good)
    6. Save
To Use
  1. Go to Gmail, and select "Tasks" from the drop down (other options are mail and contacts)
  2. Any task that is not completed which has a due date will be transferred to the "Reminders" calendar and marked completed.
  3. A task can be created from an email (shift-T)
  4. Tasks that do not have a due date will not receive this treatment.


you need to enable advanced services

(this has been asked for a lot - e.g. )